About Us

About OmniWellness Center

We are a health and wellness access organization that combines an innovative telemedicine platform, proven P4 health protocols, metabolic lab diagnostics and leading physician care for anti-aging and performance excellence. We connect and engage the Club trainers and elite members and lead them through a performance enhancing health and wellness program delivered on-demand at elite clubs. We offer personalized, interactive health and wellness services available directly on-site at high-end Fitness Centers, health clubs, and spas. Supported by a national network of A4M-certified physicians, delivered through Buffalo Pacific’s OmniPresence platform.

Help people look good, feel better and perform well.

Our combination of partners creates a unique and industry-first approach to integrated health and wellness where people desire it most…at the intersection of fitness, nutrition, and healthy living.

About Buffalo Pacific

Buffalo Pacific holds 18 patents surrounding an innovative 3D, aligned-eye contact telemedicine platform. BP immediately connects high-value elite club members with expert physicians through an immersive 3D video technology that enables communication and health/wellness support and care by being there… from anywhere.
The BP OmniPresence Platform drives connectivity, enabling people to feel the immersive, personal face to face conversation with their world-class trained physician through aligned eye contact and high-definition video.

OmniWellness Center MSO

The administrative connection and support team delivering distributed access to on-demand physician interaction, assessment, and ongoing care.

Buffalo Pacific utilizes 96,000+ board-certified and trained physicians exclusively contracted to provide specialized telemedicine and tele-wellness support through the OmniWellness Center.

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