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Why OmniWellness Center?

t access to a complete health/wellness, precision medicine, and functional healthcare program.

The OmniWellness Centers deliver our proven P4 Performance BluePrint, which includes age-defying protocols developed by world-class physicians. Look Good, Feel Better. Perform Well.

  • Looking to improve your health and physical well-being? Want to defy your age and enjoy convenient local access and get routine medical support? Come to OmniWellness Center!

One Location Offers Access to Complete Health, Wellness and Functional Care

Conveniently located in Troy, Ohio, off the Rt 41 exit on I-75: 1149 Experiment Farm Road.

Save Time and Avoid Travel While Expediting Your Personal Care

With the OmniWellness Center specialized suite of services, you can access health and wellness and functional care performance medicine all in one place. Onsite physician care and a complete array of telemedicine specialists are available to support your journey to getting, maintaining and enhancing a healthy life. Our monthly membership makes it convenient, cost-effective and hassle-free!

From our convenient location and in the same patient room, you can receive routine care or specialized high-level support depending on your health needs. With our state-of-the-art telemedicine systems, you meet your specialist through a 3D telepresence interaction where the physician appears life-sized, maintains aligned eye contact, and is completely focused on your needs.

Your P4 Protocol Performance BluePrint is custom tailored to your current starting point, health goals, metabolic profile, and alignment of prescribed tools to guide your health journey.

Your Life. Your Plan.

Based on the membership level you select, your ongoing support meets the milestones of your Performance BluePrint and flexes to meet your dynamic health needs throughout the year.

Always Here. Always Ready.

From our convenient office location our staff handles it all for you: scheduling, bloodwork, supplement and prescription ordering, progress updates, and on-demand coaching and support.

Convenient Access. Easy Process.

Your health journey will take different paths along the way. Through them all, we will be your guide with timely health education, special seminars, guest speakers and member events.

Healthy Lifestyle. Healthy Outcomes.

Make an Appointment Today!

Scheduling an appointment with the OmniWellness Center is both simple and timely. Call our office or complete the Request an Appointment form, and our expert staff will find a convenient time to meet your needs. We know schedules are sometimes hectic and can change, so walk-ins are also welcome!