P4 Protocol Overview

What Is the P4 Protocol?

The P4 Protocol is a precision plan to establish your health baseline, understand your metabolic profile, and actively manage your progress toward your personalized goals.

Defy your age? Enhance your health? Proactively balance your health/wellness? Increase athletic or daily work performance? Whatever your desired personal health outcomes, the P4 Protocol process develops a personalized Performance BluePrint to get you there! From initial assessment through ongoing monitoring, identification of proper supplements and prescriptions, proactive health/wellness practices, and coaching, the P4 Protocol flexes to meet your needs.

Your P4 Protocol Milestones:

  • Initial assessment

  • Metabolic bloodwork
  • Medical review

  • Performance BluePrint

  • Quarterly progress updates

  • Interim coaching and adjustments

  • Semi-annual metabolic bloodwork

  • Annual physical and review

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