Increase Retention

The OmniWellness Center business model helps to address one of the major challenges facing Fitness Center member retention.

Not only does our solution serve to recruit new members to your center, it also focuses on deepening member engagement through a comprehensive wellness offering that includes:

  • Physician Care

  • Personalized Performance Plans

  • Nutritional Assessments

  • Prescriptions and Supplements

  • Metabolic Labs

Trainer Affinity

The OmniWellness Center model also aids with the recruitment and retention of athletic/fitness trainers.

Our solution provides the opportunity for trainers to earn additional revenue as well as additional certifications that elevate and distinguish them from their peers.

Help people look good, feel better and perform well.

Our combination of partners creates a unique and industry-first approach to integrated health and wellness where people desire it most…at the intersection of fitness, nutrition, and healthy living.

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