Program Overview

How It Works

By partnering with OmniWellness and installing an OmniWellness Center in the Fitness Center, your Fitness Center can differentiate itself by providing immediate on-site access to acclaimed physician support, world-class diagnostics, metabolic lab support, prescription management, advanced trainer certification, and a competitive advantage for your Fitness Center. This program is geared to the elite members of the Fitness Center, but also open and available to all members, and brings new value and opportunity for enhanced revenue for both the Fitness Center and the training staff.

Within minutes, an elite Fitness Center member can see a physician, complete a benchmark assessment, review their elite fitness plan, coordinate work with their trainer, obtain required and prescribed supplements and medications, and then put the plan into action directly on the Fitness Center floor. This streamlining maintains routines, adds high value, and increases member engagement with elite Fitness Center members.

The OmniWellness Center is immediately value-packed to existing members and attractive to potential members considering membership. Members opt-in to the program, through a cash-pay enrollment that includes many additional in-gym benefits provided by OmniWellness, complementing, and enhancing their Fitness Center membership.

The Opportunity

Your Fitness Center stands to benefit in many ways, with little additional effort, including:

  • Substantial revenue share for the gym (projected to be over $125,000/year)

  • Increased member value

  • Increased health benefits for participating members
  • On-demand access to physician-led personalized fitness and performance management
  • Advanced certification access for Fitness Center trainers, including trainer revenue model
  • Club WCCA certification
  • Member retention and member acquisition support

Program Participation Requirements

A Fitness Center must meet certain requirements in order to qualify as a provider of the OmniWellness Center program.

  • A minimum of 5,000 members
  • At least 700 square feet of available/dedicated space for the Center
  • Active promotion of the OmniWellness Center to Fitness Center members, and agreement to program provisions.
  • Hosting agreement allowing OmniWellness Center to be installed
  • Financial agreement for the OmniWellness Center installation
  • Revenue share agreement
  • Marketing agreement for member promotion