Program Overview

How It Works

By joining OmniWellness Center and becoming a member patient, you are accelerating your personal journey to optimal health.

Through a 12-month process based on your desired health and wellness outcomes, you gain immediate on-site and telemedicine access to acclaimed physician support, world-class diagnostics, metabolic lab support, appropriate wellness prescription management, appropriate supplements, and a personalized Performance Blueprint.

This program is geared to served two levels of members- those looking for a Total Health Reset (Elite) and those seeking a hormone and health upgrade (Classic). As the Performance BluePrint provided through either membership level is fully crafted based on your goals and metabolic profile, we are open and available members of all health and wellness levels.

P4 Protocol (through either the Elite or Classic approach) provides a progressive plan of care and improved wellness to help you move past feeling “OK” to feeling optimal! “

You will start with a thorough member onboarding, metabolic assessments and specific advanced tests, based on your selected membership level to identify your benchmark wellness levels.  Your  Performance BluePrint is designed by our advanced MD physician, who along with our Nurse Practitioner, dietician, wellness coach and medical assistant team, regularly review your BluePrint plan, coordinate work with the appropriate team member, and prescribed supplements and medications tailored to accelerate your wellness.

The OmniWellness Center provides immediate and ongoing value-packed service to members. Our annual cash-pay membership that includes many additional benefits provided by OmniWellness like a custom membership card, P4 Peformance Shirt, custom P4 Water bottle and ongoing workshops and health education sessions!

Your Opportunity

You are on the verge of accelerating your health and wellness and getting to the root cause of why you feeling tired and sluggish, are not losing weight, etc. OmniWellness Center services are available on demand and include:

  • Comprehensive metabolic testing
  • Total wellness care
  • Convenient in-office or telemedicine access
  • Customized supplements
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Weekly Best Life Newsletter
  • Ongoing FREE Workshops and health tips

Member Participation Requirements

The OmniWellness Center is seeking members that are committed to improving their personal health and wellness—to the optimal level that matches your desired outcomes.

  • Follow our program P4 Protocols
  • Commit to meeting and engaging with our Wellness coaches
  • Willing to ask questions about your health journey
  • Enjoy your journey to optimal health!